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I grew up near Houston, TX and served in the U. S. Coast Guard ordnance and electronics communities for over 35 years. I became involved with ham radio and computers in 1995. The explosion of technology made my jobs and hobbies quite interesting. My hobbies include Volkswagens, bicycling, photography/videography, electronics, ham radio, and web management.

Attaching Displays and Equipment: More Details!

I recently shared a write-up about how I mounted my displays. A recent discussion prompted me to share even more detail. I’m asked fairly regularly, “How did you put that there?” Every make and model of car or truck has … Continue reading

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Tower Trailer – Still a Mobile Station?

You may recall that I experienced a functional failure of my roof rack due to the extra leverage applied by its roof-mounted antenna tower. Read here for more info. Note that nearly any factory-installed roof rack is up to this … Continue reading

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MFJ-1924 Screwdriver Antenna Controller

This review is way past due. I’ve had my MFJ-1924 screwdriver antenna controller for about three years. I bought it around the same time as my Scorpion Mobile HF Antenna. Later, I replaced it with an automated controller that measures … Continue reading

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Mounting the Displays

I’ve been asked many times over the years how I mounted the various displays in my car. I’ve shared photos of a few setups on my other website and in YouTube videos, but I had not shared details on which … Continue reading

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Roof Rack Functional Failure: An Analysis

Even before I had improved my micro tower, shared here, I recognized that something was not quite right about my roof rack. I couldn’t find any damage, but could see one tiny sign that the rear crossbar was not quite … Continue reading

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Improving the Micro-Tower

NOTE: As I built this improved tower, I noticed a minor deformation of what turned out to be internal rack damage. As a result, this tower now rides on my utility trailer. Keep reading to learn about the tower improvements, … Continue reading

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2023 CQ Worldwide VHF Contest

CQ Magazine’s Worldwide VHF contest takes place each July and seems to get mixed reviews. It takes place only on 6m and 2m, or 50 Mhz and 144 MHz. Those who like to work the higher bands often skip this … Continue reading

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June 2023 ARRL VHF Contest

My plan for June’s ARRL VHF contest was ambitious: 10 grids and 700 miles of driving! I started my rove at Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach, grid square FM26. That park is usually a bust for me; and that … Continue reading

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VHF Contests – KE4WMF/R

Since 2022, I’ve taken an interest in VHF/UHF contesting. My interest isn’t with sitting at a desk and contacting stations all over the world. Instead, it was natural for me to try contesting as a “Rover.” Rovers are not just … Continue reading

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Auto Desk Replacement

I assembled the components for my mobile digital amateur radio station in 2021. I started with a RigBlaster PnP by West Mountain Radio and a budget laptop, traveling with it sitting in the passenger seat when not in use. Later, … Continue reading

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Compact Moxon Module

You may recall reading about my “Contest Module,” used for VHF/UHF contesting and exhibitions. It’s quite large, heavy, and impractical for routine use. So, I built a “compact tower” after being asked to bring a VHF setup to a group … Continue reading

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Guying the Tower

I built a road-going “micro-tower“ for my compact contest rover. The complete setup weighs ~75 lbs (34 kg) and extends about 7 feet (2.1 m) over the roof of my VW GTI. The overall height is 11’6″ (3.5 m), which … Continue reading

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2023 HamCation and Raleigh Car Shows

February was a busy month for my car and mobile ham station! I mentioned last month that I did not complete my station overhaul and tower project in time to participate in the January VHF contest. The pressure to finish … Continue reading

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Overhaul Phase 3: Amps, Feed Lines, and January VHF Contest

I had shared that the amplifiers I was shopping had been on perpetual back-order since 2020. The supplier continually moved the availability back another few months each time that their expected ship date approached. I found another brand of amps … Continue reading

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Rooftop Antenna Tower w/Rotator!

If you’ve been watching my site, then you’re aware that I’ve been slowly building a VHF contest Rover. I’m documenting my process on my new “Rover” page. My coverage there is brief; so, this entry will share more details about … Continue reading

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Electronics Overhaul!

I receive a lot of compliments regarding the level of detail and workmanship on my electronics panel. However, something interesting happens over the course of time as equipment is either added or changed, in this car as well as two … Continue reading

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Eurofest Maggie Valley with Growing Comms Exhibit

A few weeks ago, I shared an update which shared recent amateur radio activity as well as my plan to attend more car shows with my communications exhibit. Eurofest at Maggie Valley, NC was easily the largest VW show on … Continue reading

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Adapting the Factory Antenna Hole to NMO

When it comes to automobiles and ham radio, there are those who will do whatever it takes to make their radio station operate at its best and those who will compromise the radio’s performance for cosmetic reasons. With my Mk3, … Continue reading

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Ham Radio Updates

I’ve been neglectful, but busy. I’ve enjoyed making YouTube videos and publishing every week. However, spending so much time making videos meant that the writing on my website had fallen behind; plus, the more time I spend creating, the less … Continue reading

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My First POTA Road Trip

I’ve been doing a lot of upgrades to my amateur radio setup. The year 2020 drove many social changes. In my case, I dove more deeply into ham radio. I’ve been enjoying my local club’s daily “Coffee and Radio Net,“ … Continue reading

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